December 17th, 2016 - February 17th, 2017 

I sent out a newsletter this week titled, "A Wave of Momentum" and as soon as it sent, I put on PJ's and fell asleep and am more or less am just waking up... three days later. 

The gist is I ended 2016 and started 2017 with a flood of opportunities and sales, all at the same time.  I'll spare you the details because if you read this, you probably got my newsletter. (But If you didn't get my newsletter, you can sign up here.) 

And because I'm an overachieving art nerd, I also finished two new digital collage pieces, released a local art magazine, and started a YouTube channel. (Because Type A gotta Type A, right?) 

Everything came with a deadline, and this last week I got the last of the most pressing tasks checked off. 

Needless to say, this entire month has been spent celebrating every new accomplishment, but I also started to feel like a truck had hit me. 

I'm feeling better after my 72-hour rest, but I'm still looking forward to a calmer few weeks. Hopefully, I should be able to just bury my head in my art for a while. 


iPhone snap of a private show for Boston Consulting Group

iPhone snap of a private show for Boston Consulting Group

Magnify Seattle

Magnify Seattle

November 29th - December 16th

Everyone, even if you don't realize it yet, is a bit worse off because of this year. 2017 doesn't look much better. And yes, I have a big gigantic chip on my shoulder about it. I'm pissed off. I'm angry. 

That doesn't mean anything unless I do something about it. As such, I decided to end this year on the best note I could and contribute to a cause I believe in. Because when it comes to 2016 -- I'm ready to hit below the belt. 

Imagine missing school or work for one week every month and trying to keep up in an already competitive world. 

That is the reality of many menstruating women. Many not only have to balance the difficulties of living in poverty which already make them vulnerable to disease, violence, and psychological issues; they also have the additional burden of managing a completely biological process without sanitary products. Resulting in a mess that is all too often wrapped up in taboo and unfair discrimination. This is how many women throughout the world fall through the cracks. Because we bleed. 

So I made this.


"Period" 2016 | 9" x 9" digital collage print | Limited edition of ??? - Suggested price of $50 or more. 

I'll make as many as you order until January 30th. It might be an edition of 3, it might be an edition of 300. (Maybe you'd like to gift The White House some fancy new art?)

All profit from this image will go to Camions of Care a local-ish to me organization that supports women locally and worldwide with much needed feminine hygiene products. 

I'm going to end this year by lifting my sisters up in the only way I know how. By celebrating our feminity, celebrating healthy cycles, celebrating vaginas and the sanitary products that go in them. 

It's time for the world to no longer look away in disgust from what a healthy female body does. Period.


September 29th - November 28th

So here we are.  

The world looks different than the last time I wrote. In fact, I wanted to say that it *is* different. But it isn't. I just thought we were better. My mistake. Our mistake. 

I have a lot of work updates to share with you, but first - here is an open letter to anyone made even more vulnerable by our soon to be President. I make art for a lot of reasons, and one of them is to amplify voices. So my promise to you is that my work will continue to amplify you and my own voice. Because you are valid. Your presence is welcome. And we need you, just as you are. 

I intend to be as much as a thorn in his side as possible. Not that I wield a lot of power, but whatever little I have, has a purpose for the next 4 years. I hope you join me. More on that later. 

On to the work updates, which is a mix of "good news" and "good news wrapped in a bad news" package, I'll start with unpacking that last one. 

When I started "Interrupted" I knew I would need to outsource some financing for this monumental project. The first thing I did was apply to various grants and awards. As of right now, all of those grants have gotten back to me and have decided not to award the project as it is, at this time. Which, damn -- that sucks. However, with one of them, I got some fabulous feedback that I want to share. 

I'll paraphrase, but basically, the jury felt the project was rushed, and that something like this needed more time to breath and be refined. (If you have read my previous posts, you'll know that I agree. Indeed, the project had already been adjusted and refined in the months after sending in my initial proposals.) So the advice was roughly to, "Sit on it. Wait out the idea. Take it apart and reconstruct it. If you can't bear that right now, don't sit still, work on something else while waiting for this idea to mature. Update us and apply again next year."  (Again, that's me paraphrasing. You get the idea.) 

That is excellent advice, and I'd be wise to take to heart. So while that advice comes with the inherent sting of rejection, I'm excited to see what stepping back will reveal. And isn't is appropriate that a project titled "Interrupted" would be interrupted for a bit? Life is fun like that. 

The good news is in my gut, I've wanted to step back from "Interrupted" for a while now. I have a project that I started as rough sketches in 2014, that has been tugging at my mind lately. And it's making my brain zing with fresh ideas now that I feel free to give it my full attention. 

I've also been asked to make more figurative collage work, which I love making and it's easy to fit into my schedule. Which brings me to even more good news. 

This last October, I was awarded an honorable mention by the International Photography Awards in Fine Art Collage for Warmth! Out of 17,040 submissions from around the world, my work stood out. That feels pretty good. 

Needless to say, I'm eager to see what the upcoming year has in store. 


P.S. I also started a magazine. Oy. 


August 15th - September 28th

At this point, I feel caught up and on track, but not because I worked like a crazy person to do so. (All, though, like the crazy person I am, I of course did.) 

Instead, I feel this way because I took a good long look at the work I needed to get done, and compared it against the impossible timeline I had set up for myself and made a decision. 

Well, actually, most of that decision was made for me. The portfolio review I had planned on attending turned out to be a much more expensive endeavor than I had anticipated. In order to make it happen by my deadline, I'd of had to apply and win a grant in a short amount of time, AND finished the series to my standards. (Because what would be the point of bringing anything less?) 

So there it is, my first deadline is officially a big fat miss. 

The good news: I found other options, options that I am just as excited about. So my ultimate goal of bringing this work to a portfolio review will still happen in a timely fashion. 

This also allows for other opportunities to be on the table as well, and I'm looking forward to organizing the next few months or so and take advantage of everything and anything reasonable.

Until then, I've finished drafting the patterns for all the costumes and am sewing the bases for the first two with reckless abandon. Despite that I have made just about every mistake you can with it, the first one is nearly finished. And it’s looking fabulous. Even though, I sewed wrong sides together yesterday! Thank Cthulhu for seam rippers. 

My next few weeks will be filled with all sorts of distractions, everything from my best friend getting married to an exhibition. I'm not confident I'll be making much progress during this time, but I am confident in the work as a whole, and I'm even more excited about it than I was when I started. 


P.S. I am terribly tired of sewing.

iPhone Photo: Did I mention I was tired of sewing? 

iPhone Photo: Did I mention I was tired of sewing?