June 14th - July 6th

I've been kept busy organizing my thoughts. This is the time that I seem to struggle the most; the planning. Once I get the idea laid out, I can break it up into easily digestible steps and tackle one at a time. But making that plan is like putting together a puzzle with all the pieces scattered around the city. It's the time that I have to remind myself that if I just keep thinking about it, it will take shape eventually. 

I did another pass of pressing wildflowers and I'm still sporting the sunburn for it. This time, we made the press even bigger and if the entire wildflower garden failed tonight, I'd rest easy knowing I've collected enough. So while I still plan on doing at least one other harvest, the pressure is off just a bit. Of course, as I typed that, my mind immediately went to, "What if I did it wrong and they are rotting away and I have no idea because the presses are shut tight?"  So I guess I do have something to stress over. 

I spent my birthday at the Seattle Asian Art Museum's "Mood Indigo" exhibit and came back inspired and recharged to nail down my costume designs. I'm about 60% done with my first draft of the costumes, and one design is striking my fancy. It's going to fun to make. I will have to utilize some self-restraint and force myself to finish my sketches first, It's especially tempting to rush straight into sewing - since I already made a few pieces as a test for my new machine. 

This project really has two parts, the image itself which provides the context and the material supporting the image's context. When looking at a finished print there is a part that isn't really there anymore and the part that still is. My goal is to have a thoughtful plan so they both will align and play off each other. 

Currently, I'm balancing my energy between sourcing the physical materials and the designing my context. And while that's necessary right now, because nature doesn't wait around for anyone, I'm looking forward to putting the 'material to-do list' off on the side for a bit and fully engage in my narrative. Once that get's fully laid out and tackled, I'll be ready to focus on what I do best, making images. 


A quick BTS video of picking and pressing wildflowers for Interrupted. As stated in the video, many thanks to Sweet Earth Homestead for hosting my little private wildflower meadow. It is a privilege to spend time up there.

 iPhone Photo:  Fresh wildflowers, picked in the summer sun.  

iPhone Photo: Fresh wildflowers, picked in the summer sun.