August 15th, 2016 - September 28th, 2016 // Sewing. Sewing. Sewing.

At this point, I feel caught up and on track, but not because I worked like a crazy person to do so. (All, though, like the crazy person I am, I of course did.) 

Instead, I feel this way because I took a good long look at the work I needed to get done, and compared it against the impossible timeline I had set up for myself and made a decision. 

Well, actually, most of that decision was made for me. The portfolio review I had planned on attending turned out to be a much more expensive endeavor than I had anticipated. In order to make it happen by my deadline, I'd of had to apply and win a grant in a short amount of time, AND finished the series to my standards. (Because what would be the point of bringing anything less?) 

So there it is, my first deadline is officially a big fat miss. 

The good news: I found other options, options that I am just as excited about. So my ultimate goal of bringing this work to a portfolio review will still happen in a timely fashion. 

This also allows for other opportunities to be on the table as well, and I'm looking forward to organizing the next few months or so and take advantage of everything and anything reasonable.

Until then, I've finished drafting the patterns for all the costumes and am sewing the bases for the first two with reckless abandon. Despite that I have made just about every mistake you can with it, the first one is nearly finished. And it’s looking fabulous. Even though, I sewed wrong sides together yesterday! Thank Cthulhu for seam rippers. 

My next few weeks will be filled with all sorts of distractions, everything from my best friend getting married to an exhibition. I'm not confident I'll be making much progress during this time, but I am confident in the work as a whole, and I'm even more excited about it than I was when I started. 


P.S. I am terribly tired of sewing.

July 2018 Update: "Interrupted" was a project I was working on that hit multiple dead ends, and one significant reason for that was because the work was extremely personal. So personal, that for my mental health, I decided to let the project go.

 However, I did pull from and further examine these ideas, evolving them into (what I believe) a better form, and often include them in my current work.  

While I will likely never finish this version of the "Interrupted" series that I set out to make, I did end up making the foundation of the work you see from me today. -mj

iPhone Photo:  Did I mention I was tired of sewing? 

iPhone Photo: Did I mention I was tired of sewing?