August 6th, 2017 - September 18th, 2017 // A Sketchbook Full

So, if you are keeping track, the last 30 or so days did not go how I intended. My 15 images in 30 days challenge got to about five images before the wheels* started to fall apart.

I'm not as surprised or disappointed as I probably should be. I had a lot of external stressors, including getting very ill.

However, I did get all of my 15 images started, meaning they are still works in progress, emphasis on progress. 

Which was my goal all along, to streamline my process, to get faster, to get organized. Put some pressure on to see where I did well and where I could do better. I made progress on all of those intentions. So I'm counting it as a victory. 

I also filled a sketchbook full of ideas, ideas that are just waiting to come together. 

Here's a peak of some of the work I did finish, my very first repeat pattern. (More of those to come!) 


*wheels = me