February 18th, 2017 - July 15th, 2017 // A Door I Can Shut

For the last couple years, I've been sketching big ideas in a tiny apartment. I've never been afraid of tackling these big ideas, but what's kept me from them -- is just the lack of space. 

Backstory: Mr. J and I moved into our previous home on a whim of luck and ambition. It was in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Seattle and walkable to everything. 

It was, however, intended to be a short term thing because the apartment itself was small - like, less than 300sqft small. We didn't think we would be there very long and decided to roll with it until we could find another reasonable place to land. 

Except we ended up loving it, so we stayed there for two years. 

This made working within that space ... interesting. 

I photographed "SHE" with the model within arms-reach of our kitchen to her left and our bathroom to the right. 

I finished "Warmth" there as well as photographed and collaged together various works, keeping an ugly, beat up v-flat stored against the wall at all times to pull out to photograph flowers, etc. on. 

I signed and framed the smaller prints on a 4'x4' table that doubled as my desk and our kitchen table. (I would have to borrow space from friend's for my larger prints because I just didn't have the surface area to handle them safely.)

So the lack of space obviously was a challenge with my work, but nothing I couldn't tackle. 

However, at the start of this year, things changed. 

I don't share much about Mr. J because he prefers to keep his life private. But I will share that his job situation changed for the better, and as such, he also needed a bit more access to storage space at home. 

So between the two of us and an elderly dog that is rapidly losing his eyesight, moving became priority #1. Hence the large gap in between journal entries. 

Moving is not an easy task in Seattle. In fact, we didn't even start looking at places here and instead started looking at options in other cities outside of the state. But alas, we eventually found a gem, in which my work space has quadrupled. 

I even have a decent mini-studio, with a god-damn-door. A door I can shut. I can close the door when I am done with the day instead of having to clean up immediately. Pure. Victory. 

I have the space to tackle those big ideas now. And I intend on it. 

Other news, "Warmth" was awarded the bronze by the Moscow International Foto Awards in the Fine Art - Collage category. 

It's an honor to have my work be recognized as one of the best among my peers. And it makes me excited to make even more art and pursue these big ideas to the best of my ability. My gratitude to the jury and the MIFA organization for the support. 


A poorly crafted iPhone panorama of my new workspace, unpacking in progress. 

A poorly crafted iPhone panorama of my new workspace, unpacking in progress.