February 14th, 2018 - February 28th, 2018 // Gratitude Gift 2018

This year I made it a priority to accomplish a project that has been in the back of my head for awhile now - an idea to not only make art accessible - but to give it as a gift in gratitude. 

Right around now, 11 homes will be receiving a package from me in the mail; each contains "The Authoring" a 9" x 9" edition of 11 (2AP). 

I designed "The Authoring" with this project in mind, based on "the writing hand" emoji - I wanted to make something to inspire and engage the creative process for whoever receives the prints. 

The process for making this collage was surprisingly quick. 

Once I decided on my concept, I realized that I would need a thicker pencil to accurately recreate the hand shape of the emoji, which I thought would be hard to find. 

Instead, it took me about ten minutes of browsing Blicks in Capitol Hill to find this thicker pencil that initially had a ruler printed on its side. 

I painted the pencil gold, made sure to photographed it with the correct light source and proceeded to fill in the hand with green and purple flora and fauna from my catalog of images. 

It took me just a few days to complete, which is significantly shorter than I usually spend on making hands. 

The trickiest part of this project was convincing people that the artwork was indeed free, they had just to send me an address to post it too. 

I'm hopeful that I will be able to do another Gratitude Gift next year, and if I can, the first to know will be those on my newsletter mailing list. You can sign up by clicking here. 

Make art. Share art. Repeat.