March 13th, 2018 - April 20th, 2018 // Love Letter to Spring 

The last few weeks of April are usually my last bits of calm before the storm -- since my collage work heavily relies on photographs of plant life, I have an "on" season that starts to pick up late Spring and runs like a marathon through late Fall. (Or when I have a small mental breakdown, whichever comes first.) 

During the height of summer, I often feel like I'm trying to drink from a firehose. And this year will be even busier because it will be my first full season with a garden, courtesy of the Seattle P-Patch program. This responsibility means there is much more to do, but I am already reaping the rewards. (And pulling weeds.) 

I had a head start with planting for Spring last Fall, so my little space is already about to burst with color. Most recently a handful of Tulips burst through my little plot and became some of the biggest most vibrant flowers I have ever seen! 

I have a few projects that I'll be testing this summer, while I pursue growing my own art and all that entails; and while I suspect many of the items I grow in the garden will end up in front of my camera at some point, I'm just enjoying the learning process and experimenting. 

I've been telling anyone that will listen that taking on that little 10' x 20' patch of earth is the healthiest thing I have done for myself since adopting my dog, Gus. It's such a rewarding space, and I'm incredibly thankful for it. 

Besides the garden, this Spring/Summer schedule has a lot on my plate beside my typical art practice. 

  • I'll be rebranding the website, which is no small task. 
  • I'll be attending the Ayatana Nocturn Residency in Ottawa this June. (!!!)
  • And I have a show in Spokane that I'll be traveling too and be giving an Artist Talk for this May 5th, 11:00am-12:00pm! 

I have never packed this much into my busy season before, but I have faith that I won't regret it because, for the first time in my career I have also scheduled myself some time off.

It's not much, but enough that I hope I won't become too burned out. Small victories! 

With that in mind, I'm going to finish this up and take in the last few weeks of April in stride. Sometimes I can't believe I'm lucky enough that I get to wake up every morning and pursue my art, even if it means by the end of October I'll be thoroughly frazzled. 

Oh! And about those aforementioned Tulips, they are so gorgeous that after I photographed them, I just couldn't keep it to myself, so I made a set of 10 digital wallpapers -- free to download. 

Just click here and pick your favorite for a quick laptop makeover, it'll do you good. (A few of my favorites is below.)