December 6th, 2018 - January 1st, 2019 // Favorite Things

As we start the new year, I wanted to quickly look back and share some of my favorite finds of 2018 - some of these are artworks, some are tools, some are just things I liked. A few of these are not necessarily new in 2018, just new to me. Enjoy!


These Jörmungandr studs by While Odin Sleeps. I'm obsessed, as is everyone around me when I wear them. Anything Lauren makes is gorgeous; I can't wait to add more to my collection.

I took a lot of inspiration from Florance and the Machines "Big God" video this year, directed by ever creative Autumn de Wilde. Choreographed by Akram Khan and Florence Welch. The color of those veils is just perfect. I can't look away.

These pencils. I have these stashed throughout my home, studio, and backpack. I even found one I accidentally buried in my garden a few months ago. What I love about them is how simple they are to keep around, and the red/blue gives me just enough options to sketch out ideas and use the contrast to note essential details I want to come back to. They force you to quickly get the idea down and move on. I can't live without them.

My friend Ellen decided to teach herself how to fix up her father's old moto some years ago, and after that project finished she decided to tackle another sentimental vehicle, and this time she's documenting the process via her blog as well as her Instagram. It was a joy to watch her finish the moto, so I can't recommend following her new adventure enough.

This summer I was lucky enough to attend the Ayatana Artist Research Residency, where we made our own bat detectors. And I am obsessed! This little thing is so much fun. I had no idea so many bats lived around me, even in the middle of the city. (Linked is a recommended bat detector, as you can't buy the ones we made.)


My new friend, Clare Celeste Börsch made a collage installation this year that has inspired me greatly. Titled "The Mushroom Hunters" it's just ... dreamy. I want to live in it. And I can't wait to see what she gets up to in the new year.

I'm not a fancy candle person, but when I came across the Illume Woodfire candle, I had to pick it up. Many years ago my husband was constantly overseas (ahem, five and a half deployments in six years) but he was able to get his hands on this body wash over there that smelled exactly like this, and I adored it.

When he finally left the military, that was it, as we couldn't find anything like it. So when I walked by this candle display my nose immediately took me back to a time in my early twenties where I would soak in his scent and be so thankful he was home.

THIS MUG. So my friends Oda and Kit gifted me this mug by artist Angela White-Wenger, and I simply adore it. With what I can only assume is magic, Angela is using real webs to make them, and I just keep looking at it and admiring it. And it's made all the better by the surprise gift from my friends.


And last, but certainly not least; meet my new little friend Isla Joy! Her mother and I have been close friends for most of our lives, and it's been a joy to watch my childhood friend become a mother and oh my goodness look at the perfect little human she grew from scratch! I can't wait to watch Isla grow up and, yet again, be the weird aunt who teaches her how to cuss like a lady.