February 9th, 2019 - April 24th, 2019 // Earthly Delights Preparation

It's almost show time!

Last year I decided I would put my entire presence into a show, and make sure that every last bit of it was treated as art. From the invite to the artwork tags. I wanted to see what would happen if I had complete control and was able to propose everything under my vision.

And what happened was a lot of work, which is why it's taken me a while to update my journal. But that work was satisfying, and it was challenging and daring to look at a space and decide what needs to happen.

I've never been more proud and more frightened of what I have created.


One of my biggest goals was to make a tangible invite that wouldn't be quickly disregarded. I wanted it to feel precious, and unique, and have an ephemeral bit of art tucked in.

I made almost everything by hand. Below is an overview of what I came up with.

The card thick, and is wrapped in a Thaumatrope, a Victorian optical toy that when spun, creates an animation of a full hand.

Furthermore, once you are done with the toy, you can plant the paper directly in the ground and seeds embedded in the paper will grow.

I sent out about 250+ of these invites, all around the world, and I feel quite lucky that only two came back to me as undelivered!

I couldn't send them out to everyone, so just in case you didn't get one. Here is the info, I hope I get to hug you and talk art and flowers soon.

Earthly Delights

Solo Exhibition May 1st - 25th (Wed-Sat, 12-6pm)

Opening Reception May 2nd | 6-9pm

CORE Gallery

117 Prefontaine

Seattle, WA 98104

Oh, and I made some wallpapers of some of my favorite details within the work. You can find them here.

I will see you on May 2nd!

(Oh, and there is some exciting stuff coming!)