The nitty-gritty details

1. This gift is in no way sponsored by any galleries, social media companies or other businesses or other individuals. Just me. It's a self-funded passion project to get art into your hands. 

2. Your information is safe and secured using MailChimp in accordance to all anti-spam and privacy laws. If at any point you want to unsubscribe, you can. However, to be included in the giveaway, you have to be subscribed on October 31st at Midnight PST. 

3. This might fail. If something happens, financially or physically or otherwise, that prevents me from sending this gift, you'll know as soon as I do via a personal email explaining what's up. I highly doubt this will fall apart, but in the case it does, please note that this is not a transaction; I reserve the right to not send or send later than January 2018 the gift in question. 

4. This is for fun. If you don't like artwork, there will be no exchanges. 

5. Prints will be shipped in the most cost-effective option from Seattle, WA. If you want to cover the minimal cost of shipping insurance and tracking for your own print, please email me directly. 

6. I am not responsible for any of the prints lost or damaged in shipping. If you are concerned about that, please see #5. 

7. I reserve the right to NOT send you a gift. Meaning, if I find that you are an asshole that kicks puppies, sends me dick pics or signed up multiple times, or anything similar -- you will not be getting anything. So don't be a jerk. 

Any questions or concerns? Please reach out directly at Meg (at)