The week of my wedding, an acquaintance dismissed me as a trophy wife. In a split second, I processed this information and returned it with an insinuating comment of my own about her. Five years later, this still irks me. Not so much the remarks against me, but my own low response, and how comfortable I was in saying it. 

SHE is a personal comment upon this. A series of six pigment ink photographs, each image being a vivid representation of the self-defeating language casually used by some to vandalize an individual woman. These are words I have personally witnessed as well as participated in uttering myself. 

These six particular idioms are so often spoken that they lose their intensity, and, therefore, lose the intended sharpness. I decided to personify the phrases as literal interpretations to bring the inherent bite back. 

Each scene includes suggestions to contrasting narratives: depending on the viewer’s history and beliefs, the images will either bring out your empathy or your distrust.