Unrolling a Print

If you intend on a hiring a professional framer, then I suggest you open and inspect the print for any possible shipping damage, and then rewind in the direction it came. Keeping it safe until the framer can flatten it for you.

However, if you plan to frame it yourself, here are some general instructions on how to unroll a print on elegance velvet paper without damaging it.

On a flat, clean and dry area, and with clean/gloved hands, gently unroll the print from the inner tube. Removing any used masking tape as you come across it from the area altogether.

Take care to keep the print sandwiched between the glassine, and gently face the print down. I like to let a newly released print rest like this for at least 5 hours as gravity will often lessen the severity of the "C" shape the print takes shortly after being unwound.

Next, use one of the bigger tubes that the print shipped in and gently wind it along the tube, opposite to the curl to counteract it. Make sure the print is still covered on both sides by the glassine during this process and that the print is wound evenly with gentle pressure. Let it sit like this for up to ten minutes. You may place tape on the glassine sheets to help hold it in place.

If the print still does not lay flat, you may try again, or I suggest taking it to a professional framer for assistance.


  • Even gloved hands should only touch the sides of the print.

  • Keep all liquids away from the working area.

  • Sure and steady is better. If you aren't feeling well, or are pressed for time, it's a task that's best to wait.

  • Ask for help if you need it. Sometimes having an extra set of hands can be helpful.

  • Have your frame off to the side and ready, so the print is left vulnerable for the least amount of time.