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  • What is digital collage?
    Digital collage is just like a normal collage, in that I take multiple images and assemble them to make something new, except I combine everything in Adobe Photoshop and all of the images you see, I photographed myself. The finished collages are then printed, signed and editioned.
  • How long does it take to make each collage?
    That's hard to answer because I generally split my year by photographing in the summer and then spend my winters using that catalog of images to make the collages. Once I sit down to actually make the pieces it can take years or just a few days, depending on how large and/or detailed it is.
  • Where do you find everything that you photograph?
    I find a lot of what you see in my own garden, as well as frequent wholesale flower markets. Sometimes I photograph taxidermy or raise the insects myself. If you're curious about my policy regarding animals in art, you can find my code of ethics here.
  • What other mediums do you work with?
    My work is always evolving. I make temporary live floral installations, as well as build more permanent botanical themed site-specific installations. I prefer to create these environments to add context to my hanging prints. If you'd like to commission an installation, please contact me directly.
  • Where can I buy or view your work?
    I'm currently represented by J. Rinehart Gallery, and you can buy my work directly from them. If you want to see it in person, either myself of J.Rinehart Gallery would love to arrange a studio visit. Otherwise, please sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram, which will alert you to any upcoming exhibitions.
  • What paper do you print on?
    For some larger pieces, I print on a gloss paper and mount the print to Dibond and acrylic. My 2019+ work is usually printed on a Baryta Rag which is a 100% cotton, barium sulfate fiber paper that holds details in the deep blacks while producing natural highlights with a slight fiber glossy surface texture. My 2018 and older work is printed on Elegance Velvet paper, which is a matte slightly textured paper, made from 100% cotton fiber. All are archival. While each is gorgeous in it's own way, it will pick up fingerprints and easily damage if not handled properly. I do not recommend touching a print without cotton gloves on.
  • Can I hire you for a commision or commercial project?
    We can absolutely talk about it. Feel free to send me a message with an idea and a timeline.
  • Can I ask you for some advice?
    Yup, but I may not be able to get back to you right away. (I do my best though.) Feel free to follow up if you don't hear from me.
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