Seattle Art Fair 2022

I was lucky enough to once again show artwork at the Seattle Art Fair with J.Rinehart Gallery. A few weeks before, we decided it would be fun to release a big new piece for the fair. And so, the process of creating "Judith Beheading Holofernes" began, and after a few sleepless nights due to the tight deadline, she was ready just in time.

While I couldn't party with Seattle for the opening, I did make some tiny zines to help give context to my work, since I couldn't chat in person.

And thankfully, Judith (the gallery) snuck me in early one day so I could safely view Judith (the artwork) in place.

She's the biggest piece I have made so far, and man I adore her.

We decided to make this an edition of 1. And you can find more about her via the galleries website. (And view all the other lovely work.)